About us

Welcome to ERMET S.C.

ERMET s.c. was created by separating a dynamically developing tool shop from the company ELEKTRO-MET, which for many years has an established position and reputation on both the electrical and tool market.


We support the young football team – Wisełki

We have been stable on the market since 2007. Though the beginnings were not easy, and our workshop originally handle only with EDM. We can proudly say that we have achieved great success by running and growing all the time and going to the idea of modern company.

Precision in realize
10 years of experience

Over the years, our machine shop equipment has grown so much that the biggest advantage of our company is the comprehensive processing of parts as well as stamping , dies or injection mould. The mission of our company is the continuous development and improvement by our services. The creation of tool shop resulted from the need to manufacture production tools company and ELEKTRO-MET maintenance movement.

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